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Air Plants


Flowering epiphytes that need no soil, water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves, originating from the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South American and the Caribbean

Filtered Sun / Clumping Growth pattern

Hardy to 40 degrees

Blooms last several days to many months

Day Blooming Cereus

Epiphyllum hybrid

Flowering Orchid Cactus, originating from Brazil

Filtered Sun / Fast Cascading Growth

Hardy to 32 degrees

Gorgeous Blooms lasting up to 3 days

Desert Rose

Adenium obesum

Sun-Loving Succulent, originating from Northeast Africa

Full Sun / Slow Growth to 3 feet

Hardy to 40 degrees

Blooms from early spring to Late Fall

Madagascar Palm

Pachypodium lamerei

Sun-Loving Succulent, originating from Island of 


Full Sun / Growth to 6 feet

Hardy to 32 degrees 

Pink Bush Clover

Lespedeza thunbergii 'Pink Fountain'

Semi-woody Flowering Perennial

Originating from China and Japan

Full Sun / Fast Growth to 6-8 feet

Hardy to -20 degrees

Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds


Plumeria rubra

Tropical Tree, originating from Central America

Full Sun / Growth to 15 feet

Hardy to 40 degrees

Gorgeous Flowers used in Hawaiian leis

Shaving Brush Tree

Bombax ellipticum Album

Sun-Loving Succulent, originating from Southern Mexico

Full Sun to Light Shade / Growth to 8 feet

Hardy to 25 degrees

Silky Creamy-White Flowers

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